TDR Soil Moisture Sensors

Cutting-edge, digital, true time-domain reflectometer (TDR) soil moisture sensors for water and fertilizer conservation and agricultural research. Compatible with SDI-12 data loggers. 


Acclima Sensor Reader Kit

Acclima Sensor Reader Kit (SDI-12)

This kit contains the Acclima Sensor Reader which will read any Acclima SDI-12 soil water content sensor, display the readings, and (if it’s a ‘Waveform Capture’ sensor) it will record and display the waveform. The kit comes with a rugged carrying case, a 32 GB thumb drive, a digital True TDR-315H soil water content sensor with Waveform Capture and terminated with an M12 connector, and an international power adapter kit for charging the unit. 

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TDR315H Acclima Sensor

Digital True TDR-315H Sensor (SDI-12)

A fully integrated digital TDR soil moisture sensor, the 315H consumes a fraction of the energy than that of its predecessor, but still maintains a 150 pico-second rise time for superb accuracy.

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Acclima True TDR-310H Soil Sensor

Digital True TDR-310H Sensor (SDI-12)

This digital TDR soil water content sensor is from the same family of the other Acclima True TDRs, however its rounded form factor allows it to easily attached to a (schedule 40) 1″ PCV pipe and/or be inserted into an access tube as small as 1.25″ (schedule 40 PVC) to be inserted into the soil at a specified depth.

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Digital True TDR-305H (SDI-12) Soil Water Content Sensor

Digital True TDR-305H Sensor (SDI-12)

Completely integrated TDR soil moisture sensor accurately yields VWC and BEC/PWEC with a high-speed 150 pico-second rise time for a detailed wave form analysis. Designed for high EC tolerance when taking readings.

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TDT Soil Water Content Sensor (SDI-12)

TDT Soil Moisture Sensor (SDI-12)

Used worldwide, this TDT soil water content sensor accurately measures VWC, Bulk EC, and temperature. Temperature accuracy is within 0.5˚C.

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