TDR Soil Moisture Sensors

Cutting-edge, digital, true time-domain reflectometer (TDR) soil moisture sensors for water and fertilizer conservation and agricultural research. Compatible with SDI-12 data loggers.


Acclima Reader Kit 315H

Acclima Sensor Reader Kit (SDI-12)

This kit contains the Acclima Sensor Reader which will read any Acclima SDI-12 soil water content sensor, display the readings, and (if it’s a ‘Waveform Capture’ sensor) it will record and display the waveform. The kit comes with a rugged carrying case, a 32 GB thumb drive, a digital True TDR-315H soil water content sensor with Waveform Capture and terminated with an M12 connector, and an international power adapter kit for charging the unit. 

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TDR-315N Sensor (SDI-12) (New!)

A fully integrated digital TDR soil moisture sensor that has demonstrated superb accuracy consistently with excellent repeatability between six different soils including potter’s clay.  It is the first release of Acclima’s Soil Smart sensors.  Allows for waveform capture.

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Digital True TDR-310N Sensor (SDI-12)

The TDR-310N is a replacement to the former Acclima TDR-310L. It has a high voltage waveform output, which makes it effective in taking measurements when the soil electrical conductivity is high. It also consumes more power than the TDR-310H. It is a complete integrated time domain reflectometer that combines ultra-fast waveform generating and digitizing functions with a precision 5 pico-second resolution time base and highly sophisticated waveform digitizing and analyzing firmware that provides true time domain analysis of soil-propagated waveforms. 


TDR-310W Sensor (SDI-12) (New!)

A fully integrated digital TDR soil moisture sensor from the Soil Smart series. Works well in various soil types and soilless media. Sized with 10 cm waveguide rods to fit well with rockwool cubes for greenhouses.

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TDR-305N Soil Moisture Sensor Water Content

Digital True TDR-305N Sensor (SDI-12)

Completely integrated TDR soil moisture sensor accurately yields VWC and BEC/PWEC with a high-speed 300 pico-second rise time for a detailed wave form analysis. Designed for high EC tolerance when taking readings.

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Digital True TDR-315H Sensor (SDI-12)

A fully integrated digital TDR soil moisture sensor, the 315H consumes a fraction of the energy than that of its siblings in the N series, but still maintains a 150 pico-second rise time for superb accuracy.  Not intended for soils with high clay content or bulk EC above 1800 µS/cm.

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Digital True TDR-310H Sensor (SDI-12)

This digital TDR soil water content sensor is from the same family of the other Acclima True TDRs, however its rounded form factor allows it to easily attached to a (schedule 40) 1″ PCV pipe and/or be inserted into an access tube as small as 1.25″ (schedule 40 PVC) to be inserted into the soil at a specified depth.

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TDT Soil Moisture Sensor (SDI-12)

Used worldwide, this TDT soil water content sensor accurately measures VWC, Bulk EC, and temperature. Temperature accuracy is within 0.5˚C.

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