TDT Sensor


Used worldwide, this TDT soil water content sensor (a.k.a., soil moisture sensor, probe, or meter) accurately measures VWC, Bulk EC, and temperature. Temperature accuracy is within 0.5˚C.

The Acclima Digital TDT® soil moisture sensor represents a revolutionary advance in the irrigation industry. It is the first soil moisture sensor to incorporate the accuracy of digitized Time Domain Transmissometry (TDT) in a low-cost instrument providing highly accurate absolute readings of soil moisture under all conditions of temperature and soil chemistry that crops will grow. No other TDT soil water content sensor on the market matches its accuracy and stability. Independent test data from leading soil physicists verify these claims and are available upon request.

This Digital TDT sensor incorporates a modified SDI interface capable of connecting directly to Acclima data loggers or any other third-party SDI version 1.4 compliant device. The Acclima modified SDI interface is also capable of auto-detection and addressing collision repair with Acclima data loggers.

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