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Acclima helps the research, agriculture, and greenhouse industries maximize efficiency and boost production through breakthrough true time-domain reflectometer (TDR) soil water content sensors and SDI-12 data loggers.

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“True time domain sensors have been very expensive in the past, which is why they have not been much used other than in agricultural and environmental science. The relatively inexpensive ($100’s) sensors that were purported to be TDR sensors in the past, were not true time domain sensors. New, relatively inexpensive true time domain sensors are now available in the market (Acclima TDR-315 and ACC-TDT).” – Steve Evett, U.S. Department of Agriculture

New TDR Acclima soil sensors

TDR Soil Moisture Sensors

SDI-12 Data Loggers

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Building the best soil moisture tech since 2001

After 30 years at a Fortune 500 company, Scott Anderson stepped down from his executive position to launch Acclima, pursuing a longtime vision to engineer practical ways for precision irrigation control. Today, he holds numerous patents for digital TDR soil water content probes and SDI-12 data loggers.

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Monitor soil conditions.

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Nothing matches the Acclima TDR probes for accuracy, reliability and after sales support. They are very easy to install into undisturbed soil so you get instant accurate readings.
Peter Munn CEO
Mark Williams
There’s so much to admire about Acclima’s authentic “engineering first” philosophy that continues to deliver world-beating sensors. A wonderful, customer-focused company in an industry where long-term commitment really counts.
Mark Williams
no special equipment needed

Relatively quick, easy installation

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Evaluating Time Domain Reflectometry and Coaxial Impedance Sensors

February 2020

This report compares older and newer Acclima technology as well another soil water content sensor manufacturer. The study concluded: “The [Acclima] TDR-315L was more suitable for sensing volumetric soil water contents in soils with high clay content than the [other manufacturer’s sensor].”

AE50 Awards Recognize Acclima in Innovations in Farm Machinery

January 2017

An Acclima sensor got a major nod from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The prestigious award was pinned on the Acclima TDR-315L Soil Water Content sensor for its affordable accuracy and innovative low-power requirements compared to typical TDR technology.

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