Acclima True TDR Soil Moisture Sensor Reader Kit (SDI-12)

Acclima Reader Kit 315H

Product Summary

This soil moisture sensor kit contains the Acclima Sensor Reader which will read any Acclima SDI-12 soil water content sensor (TDT or TDR soil moisture sensor, probe, or meter), display the readings on an LCD screen, and (if it’s a compatible ‘Waveform Capture’ sensor) it will record and display the waveform. 

The kit comes with a rugged carrying case, a 32-gigabyte (GB) thumb drive with micro and standard USB connectors for storing readings and updating the reader, a digital True TDR-315H soil moisture sensor (soil moisture meter or probe) with Waveform Capture and terminated with an M12 connector, and a convenient international power adapter kit for charging the unit. 

Firmware updates are freely available via the button under downloads below.

Key Features

  • GPS connectivity
  • Waveform capture (with compatible sensors)
  • Compatible with all Acclima SDI-12 soil sensors
  • Secure M-12 connectivity
  • Micro-USB connectivity
  • 32-GB thumb drive (with micro- and standard USB connectivity) for data storage and updates
  • Rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery (with included international power adapter kit)
  • Rugged carrying case for secure transportation
  • Kit includes one digital True TDR-315H sensor with waveform capture
  • No SDI-12 programming knowledge necessary
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