Case Study: Improved Agricultural Irrigation Scheduling Using a Soil Moisture Sensor

Research by Jordan L. Varble and José L. Chávez and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University in Hydrology Days.

“This case study examined the usefulness and ability of the Acclima Digital TDT soil moisture sensor to schedule irrigation timing and amounts applied to a stressed maize crop in eastern Colorado. The conclusion, based on the results of this study, was that the Acclima Digital TDT soil moisture sensor can be used to reliably monitor soil moisture content for best irrigation practices, enabling farmers to maintain the soil water content level within the Management Allowed Depletion level, and can thus reduce pumping costs. However, a standard method for characterizing and comparing make accurate EM signal property measurements that EM system measurement capability has not been established. Our objective was to evaluate the permittivity measurement ability of seven different EM sensing systems using readily available media.”

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