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Acclima Product - TDR Probe Guide


Waveguide Insertion Guide 

Used to keep Acclima TDR waveguide probes in alignment when inserting them
into the soil. Helps to prevent probe rods from splaying.

Acclima Product - USB Flashdrive


32GB Thumb Drive 

Used for retrieving CSV data from Solar DataSnaps or the SDI-12 Sensor Reader. Has Type-A & Micro-USB connectors.

Acclima Product - Quick Connect Cable


Quick Connect Cable

For SDI-12 reader. M12 connection to 3-wire connection: Used to connect the Acclima Reader to any 3-wire in-situ SDI-12 sensor.

Acclima Product - Multi-port Expander


SDI-12 Port Expander

If you have extra sensors to connect to your Acclima
data loggers and you don’t want to splice your connections
this item is the perfect solution. Comes with terminal plugs.
Works with DataSnap and Solar DataSnap.

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