Acclima DataSnap Portable SDI-12 Data Logger Fact Sheet

The simplest stand-alone SDI-12 universal data logger available on the market today. While easy to use, it's loaded with fantastic features.

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Acclima DataSnap SDI-12 Data Recorder with Penny


The Acclima DataSnap is the simplest stand-alone SDI-12 universal data logger available on the market today. While simple to use, it has powerful features and functionality.

The DataSnap is first and foremost an SDI-12 data logger accommodating up to ten SDI-12 soil moisture sensors. The DataSnap is compatible with all soil sensors that communicate using the SDI-12 protocol, logging the first five data points with the SDI-12 M! command. The Acclima DataSnap sets a new standard for ease of use. Just connect an SDI-12 soil water content sensor and click a button. It requires no SDI-12 programming knowledge. Adding Acclima’s world-renowned and highly accurate soil moisture sensors is even easier as the DataSnap will find all attached Acclima sensors with just one click of a button.

The DataSnap, with its companion Windows®-compatible software, SnapView, allows a user to easily take manual readings at any time. SnapView also simplifies DataSnap configuration and synchronization via USB. SnapView can manage multiple DataSnap connections and retrieve real-time soil moisture sensor data from each. SnapView provides options for viewing data in table or graph formats. Data is easily exported for use in other analytical applications. SnapView is compatible with any Windows® PC (XP or newer).


  • Accommodates up to ten SDI-12 soil moisture sensors
  • Requires no SDI-12 programming knowledge
  • Includes SnapView software, compatible with Windows® PCs
  • USB to SDI-12 bridge
  • Supports an included 12V power adapter
  • Supports an included 12V battery pack (eight AA batteries NOT included)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Supports third-party software development
  • Data logging of first five data points with the SDI-12 M! command
  • Total memory capacity supports more than 59,000 scans, with each scan storing up to five data points
  • Compatible with all soil moisture sensors that use the SDI-12 protocol
  • Compatible with terminal software applications like HyperTerminal or PuTTy
  • Very low power operation for long battery life
  • High value for low cost
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